Take a ride and stop and view our convenient location and beautifully landscaped building.
Drive around the area and view the historic mansions, and surrounding amenities close to Amos Towers.
Find a new way of living without the worry of leaky faucets, repairs, walking up and down steps, shoveling snow, finding a parking space, or taking care of lawns.

Our Team

Amos Towers has a team of reliable, courteous, and honest, people that strive to give Amos Towers the best in professional management.

Meet Our Staff

Cathie Dougher - Building Administrator

Oversees the building, with a team of enthusiastic employees, to provide our residents with a secure, clean, beautifully furnished and landscaped home. Cathie works with a Board of Directors, HBS Management Company, and the Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD) to provide a pleasant living condition for our community. Cathie will be interviewing and welcoming you when you are ready to take the right step, to becoming one of our residents. 


Judy Beasley - Human Service Co-Ordinator

You will be greeted by Judy, a pleasant, courteous person as you enter Amos Towers.  Judy is a well-organized, proficient with addressing any questions about the building and requests for application. 




JD Jones - Building Engineer

JD Jones prepares the apartments to make sure you will enter a new safe, clean and modern home.  Any problems in your apartment JD will be there. He is also responsible for the entire building maintenance including heating, plumbing, electrical, and of course the needs of the resident.  He is honest, sincere, polite, courteous and always has a smile for everyone.  We are pleased to have him on our team.



 The staff looks forward to meeting you and showing off all the amenities of Amos Towers.  They are proud to serve the building and residents.

Equal Housing Opportunity Handicap Accesable